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Premsai Sainathan

Premsai Sainathan
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Director of Content Marketing at Roambee, Prem is an entrepreneur who has worked across the spectrum from designing components for the prestigious LIGO gravitational wave observatories to leading IoT sales and solution deployments; he holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida in Gainesville.

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header-image Step 1 to Prevent Pilferage & Theft in the Supply Chain — Track Your Packages

By Premsai Sainathan
Read Time 7 Mins.

Supply chain security doesn’t stop at putting up fences, setting up access control, deploying CCTV surveillance, or...

RMB-367-Blog-9-Heading Is an RFID Security System Enough for Warehouse Theft Prevention?

By Premsai Sainathan
Read Time 7 Mins.

Although prevailing RFID systems to tag and track inventory in a warehouse can double up as a theft/pilferage...

Are-GPS-Trackers-Enough-for-Cargo-Security-and-Theft-Recovery Are GPS Trackers Enough for Cargo Security & Theft Recovery?

By Premsai Sainathan
Read Time 5 Mins.

While GPS tracking systems can improve the odds of tracing stolen vehicles or trailers, can they really address...

RMB-363-Blog-7-Heading How to Choose a Warehouse Security Monitoring System

By Premsai Sainathan
Read Time 3 Mins.

Warehouse security systems have traditionally focused on protecting the warehouse, not the goods or assets stored...

7-things-you-need-in-a-cargo-security-monitoring-system 7 Things You Need in a Cargo Security Monitoring System

By Premsai Sainathan
Read Time 5 Mins.

Your supply chain security system must go beyond protecting your warehouses or trucks in-transit. Learn what you...

RMB-346-Cargo-Theft-Heading How to Choose a Cargo Container Security Tracking System

By Premsai Sainathan
Read Time 6 Mins.

There are many tracking systems that claim to help you protect your containerized cargo. In this article, we will...

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